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999 Days After Nick Adenhart

January 3, 2012 will mark 1,000 days since the death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others in a drunk driving homicide.


Hey Rev. While travelling on business to DC/WV/MD, I stopped by Nick Adenhart's gravesite in Williamsport, MD, and took a few pictures. Please share these as you wish. It was a very moving and solemn experience.
-Scott Heathcoat

As we look forward to what appears to be a bright new chapter of Angels baseball, we carry the heavy sadness of the past as much or more as we do the great moments. And in so doing, the fabric of what it means to be a fan of our team is woven into a much more complex tapestry of emotion, depth of feelings and a greater understanding for the range of human expression. The truest curse of any fan is actually to reach the highest highs without having touched the lowest of lows. To have suffered and then be redeemed is the only path to glory. The rest is just the ball bouncing on one side of the chalk or the other without ever falling in love.

You won't ever discern just how sweet the sweetest fruit tastes without having submitted to the bitterest root in the forest. Anyone can cheer for a winner. It takes a special breed to be denied what should have been and persevere with a commitment. Call it character, just do not assume that everyone has it in them - not just to be a fan but to stay a fan.

We did, though.

Rest in Peace, Nicholas James, your death brought a deeper meaning to our understanding about the game of life than we might ever have comprehended.

Please celebrate your New Year's Eve holiday responsibly. As Halos Heaven Social Media Director Pattimelt reminded us on Twitter recently:

Save this number... 1-800-222-4357. This is the number for AAA's Tipsy Tow. You do NOT have to be a AAA member to use this service!!! You can call anytime between 6pm and 6am on New Year's Eve, and AAA will tow your car and drive you home!!!