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New Year's Eve Thread

Welcoming 2012... Assuming that Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve is a thing of the past, watch whatever you want on your television (aka "Your Telly" for UKHalo, highlandhalo and The Limey) and join the party here. This is the official Halos Heaven New Year's Eve Thread! December, 2011 was our biggest month ever, surpassing October, 2009 (the last time the Angels made the playoffs) by the margin of just over 5,000 unique visitors... BUT... out with the old...


Final sunset of 2011 looking west on 56th Street, just east of Malabar Avenue.

And in with the new...

Click the video below at midnight!

My slogan for 2012: Better by the Dozen. Angels Fans Slogan for 2012: 5 Easy Pieces!