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Winter Meetings Spawn Angels Rumors

38 Years ago today, Cubs 3B Ron Santo turned down a trade to the Angels - read all about it: The Evening News. Today he is a Hall of Famer, elected not by the Baseball Writers but by a committee of baseball veterans.

Angels To Make Offer To Aramis Ramirez? The Cubs 3B is a free agent.

Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder top list of baseball free agents - Pirates of the Caribbean will not be taking a backseat as Anaheim's biggest attraction when these two sign elsewhere.

Angels Rumors: All The Angels rumors and Gossip That is fit to print. Chatwood and Mathis were tiny dominoes, yeah?

Fanshot: Angels take $15 - $20 Million to Vegas, play roulette and get free drinks to the Winter Meetings.

Fanshot: Angels have offered C.J. Wilson a job as a stadium hot dog vendor contract to pitch.

Fanshot: Robothal knows of rumored Miami baseball team's existence with signing of Met Jose Reyes.

Fanshot: Not a West Coast thang after all, Hirki Kuroda wants to pitch anywhere in the MLB.

Fanshot: Dipoto blah blah blah Winter Meetings blah blah Big Splash They say that this Big Spalsh is a bad mutha - Shut Yo Mouth- But I'm talkin' about Splash. Well I can Dig It. He's a complicated GM but no one understands him but his sources in the media. Big Splash!