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Scioscia: Chris Iannetta to Catch 100+ Games for 2012 Angels

Wow... the complete transcripts of a Mike Scioscia interview at the winter meetings (LINK TO TRANSCRIPT) are up online at ASAP Sports. Scioscia really went on and on, throwing Lyle Spencer a bone for analyzing bullpen blowups as the reason the Angels didn't make the playoffs.


  • Chris Iannetta should catch 100+ games in 2012 for the Angels
  • A more reliable bullpen is a top priority
  • Jeff Mathis defense a luxury they can no longer afford
  • Mike has not seen Kendrys Morales run (avoiding mentioning his controversial first name).
  • Fact C.J. Wilson has only been a starter for two season is a PLUS as there is less wear and tear on the arm. (gotta admit, I never thought of it that way).
  • No way Hisanori Takahashi is going to be considered as a starter.
  • Mark Trumbo's foot is still healing. No baseball activity yet. Pushed the possibility of him playing 3B off the table.
  • Wishy-Washy on Hank Conger, Mike Trout (transcript linked here reads "Cot") and Jordan Walden.

Lots there. Same old Scioscia.