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Winter Meetings Grind to a Halt

1 PM update: I could link to a million tweets, but here is a summary... quiet bidding and jockeying for position are the order of the day.

Mark Buehrle: Marlins have the biggest offer, pending Wilson rejecting theirs. Five teams await the outcome to pick up the former White Sox lefty. UPDATE: Tweets are that Mark Buehrle will be rejoining Ozzie Guillen in South Florida for 4 years and $58 million. Miami Marlins have kicked the domino... here it all comes.

C.J. Wilson: he will be the first next domino. Marlins have offered six years, Rangers have offered five years, Angels are at five.

Albert Pujols: Marlins will end their bid for him if CJ or Burly signs. Cardinals waiting for courtesy final bid. Mystery Teams abound. The Angels have not commented on the tweeting rumors. Given the chance to deny pursuing Pujols, Jerry Dipoto publicly stuck to not commenting today.

Huston Street: Traded to the Padres for a player they have to find first and tell, until then he is "To Be Named Later".

Prince Fielder: Agent Scott Boras is playing the wait and screw game. The Pujols contract will be the gauge.

Hiroki Kuroda: With Dodgers signing Chris Capuano, he suddenly doesn't mind playing anywhere in continental North America.

Ryan Madson: The ex-Phillies closer looking for a new team will wait until the A's deal Andrew Bailey.

Frankie Rodriguez: Oh hush, even downtown, voices carry...