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Angels Don't Go Gentle Into Winter Meeting Night

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The Moon rises over an offseason landscape that is quite the same as the one the sun rose over earlier today. Yes I write crap like this when I don't know what to write. We woke up wondering if C.J. Wilson was going to sign with the Angels and whether the Albert Pujols rumors were serious.

A day later Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports assures us the Angels are seriously bidding for Albert's services and John Morosi of wherever John Morosi is from assures us he expects CJ to sign on Anaheim's dotted line.

Meanwhile Mark Buehrle went to Miami for 4/58 and the Angels picked up lefty reliever Methuselah, er, LaTroy Hawkins for 1 year/ $3million.

This is your evening thread to discuss all the Angels and baseball related stuff out there. I might alter this paragraph radically if big news breaks, but comment per community guidelines and your own sense of decorum.