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Angels Sign Albert Pujols

Perhaps the greatest day in all our lives.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have signed legendary 1B Albert Pujols to a 10-year, $260 Million contract. The deal has full "no-trade" protection for the slugger who turns 32 on January 17. Some of the money in the deal is incentives, but less than ten percent of the total dollar value. Owner Arte Moreno had not spoken on the record to the media since midseason. He let the checkbook do the talking today.

Pujols won two world championships with the St. Louis Cardinals and stands as one of the great offensive players in the history of professional baseball.

One can assume that there will be a few billboards around Southern California featuring Albert pasted up soon.

Pujols is a 3-time National League MVP, a 5-time silver slugger and was rookie of the year in 2001. He scored 99 runs in 2007... it was the only season of his career that he scored less than 100 runs. He has 2,073 career hits. Pujols' statistics from last season would have easily made him the most valuable offensive player on the 2011 Angels. Moving over to the American League affords him the chance to age gracefully with starts at Designated Hitter, keeping his offensive game forever young.

Please note the "714" time stamp on this story - totally happened by magic. Big day in Orange County.