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Friday Halolinks: The Los Angeles Angels of Pujols - Day Two

The first day of the rest of your Angel life edition of Halolinks:

  • Although I'm extremely happy about this week's free agent signings, I still have the bitter taste of last year's off-season in my mouth. Had the Angels actually done what Moreno claimed they were going to do last year (spend whatever it takes), they could have easily won the A.L. West in 2011. Had they filled a true need by signing Adrian Beltre, or in spite of his down season in 2011, added Carl Crawford instead of Vernon Wells, and thus keeping Mike Napoli, 2011 would have been viewed as the year the Angels returned to the play-offs. Apparently last off-season's bitter taste still lingered in Arte's mouth too: Albert Pujols deal makes Angels important in L.A. and the AL - "One specific target of the fans' ire was Moreno himself, who promised me last winter that he would spare no expense in improving the team, yet again failed to land a top free agent."I think it's a tribute to the aggressive nature, competitive nature and quality of our ownership," Dipoto said, adding, "Arte had made it very clear, he wants to win championships, he wants to win rings."" I'm not sure who I'd rather have, Carl Crawford, Adrian Beltre, and Mike Napoli, or Vernon Wells and Albert Pujols (I'm assuming the Halos would have still been able to add C.J. Wilson this off-season). Either way, I'm glad the organization was able to learn from their mistake.
  • Angels' deals with Pujols, C.J. Wilson enabled by TV deal - "The Rangers agreed with Fox last year on a new contract worth an average of $80 million per year. The Angels' deal is expected to top that in average annual rights fees — the rejected Dodgers' deal had an average annual rights fee of about $85 million — and include an ownership stake in FSW." The previous broadcasting contract had the Angels receiving $500 million over ten years. With the increased revenue of the new broadcasting contract, aided by the addition of Pujols, the club will actually come out ahead when Pujols' contract is factored in. Also within this post, "The Angels had the second-lowest local television ratings among major league teams last year, according to Sports Business Journal." Albert should help in that area too.
  • He may be Orange County's douchest writer, but he's right: Angels fans, no more complaining - The Orange County Register. "By peeling off more than $325 million Thursday for one bat and one arm, the Angels have made their fans feel privileged, entitled and more big-time than ever before in the existence of this franchise. So, how does it make us feel? Gross." Although I don't feel "gross". I've never complained about the Yankee or Red Sox ability to generate revenue, and I certainly won't complain about the Angels. If you got it, use it.

Old joke is old: Have The Angels Passed The Rangers In A.L. West? - Baseball Nation. "But the Rangers just lost their best starting pitcher, C.J. Wilson ... who joined the Orange County Angels, last season's second-place team." When will Rob "Don't Call Me Bob" Neyer figure out the Angels' name joke is dead?

Bad headline of the day: Angels can't wait to play with Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson - News. "Angels players were stunned -- as well as ecstatic -- about the news that Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson are the newest members of their team." Ha! He said "member".

I haven't heard anything about Morales getting non-tendered, but it's mentioned in this post: The new Angels lineup - HardballTalk. "I’m excluding Kendrys Morales, who will likely be non-tendered, and Mike Trout, who figures to begin the season in Triple-A."

We have video (even if it is just Craig Calcaterrra):

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Looks like someone is stinging from 2002: Arte's Angels usher in bold new era - ""They talk a lot about the Yankees," Reds manager Dusty Baker said from his home in the Sacramento, Calif., area, "and now the Angels, looking at what they've done over the last six, seven years, are kind of like the Yankees of the West." I'll accept that, with the caveat, "All the cash, without the rash".

I'm no lawyer (and I've never played one on TV), but this seems like an odd ruling: Dodgers can sell TV rights, judge rules - "The Dodgers' current TV contract with Fox prevents the team from negotiating with another broadcast outlet before Nov. 30, 2012. Fox failed to convince Gross that moving that date up would alter the contract so as to constitute irreparable harm." Maybe it has something to do with protecting the creditors (as stated in the article).

Dodger James Loney arrested after collision on 101 in his Maserati - "The accident took place Nov. 14". No to make light of a serious offense, but one comment was, "at least Loney finally hit something". Whenever I hear or read the word "Maserati", I'm reminded of Ted Nugent's "Wango Tango"...a Mazerati, a Mazerati. And it's a fast one too!"

Trade rumor! Oakland A's face daunting task in AL West after Los Angeles Angels' blockbuster signing of Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson - FOX Sports on MSN
There was also speculation that A's closer Andrew Bailey could be dealt to the Angels for a package that includes first baseman Mark Trumbo. But Angels GM Jerry DiPoto said he considers Trumbo an option at DH, third base or the outfield, suggesting he's not eager to part with him.

Lyle Spencer busy texting Jeff Mathis:

Uh-oh: K-Rod Accepts Arbitration With Brewers - FanGraphs Baseball. "He accepted the Brewers’ offer of arbitration and will receive a salary somewhere just south of $13.5M — the amount he made in 2011 with the Mets and Brewers — and serve as the set-up man for John Axford."

Halolink Update:

I got an email from this guy about this: