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Valentine's Day Preparation Thread

I just spent three frickin' hours pulling my hair out planning Valentine's Day for Missus Halofan and thought maybe we could all put our heads together in one thread to ask for and offer advice about what YOU will be doing to make sure the Ball and Chain knows that she is loved this Monday, February 14, aka VALENTINE'S DAY aka "We-gotcha-by-the-short-hairs-of-yer-nuts-now-do-somethin-sweet-and-expensiev-to-show-why-we-should-loosen-that-grip".

I once told a girlfriend that I was not into the whole Valentine thing and to call me the next day. She showed up at 8 PM that night at my pad with all my stuff and demanded all her crap that was at my house, even had a list and an empty box for me to put it in. SO... be warned... you space on this one or go half-ass about it and you risk entering the celibacy zone...