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In Wells Acquisition, Bourjos Cements Angels CF

<em>See what I did here with the red uniform?</em>
See what I did here with the red uniform?

In a piece about Vernon Wells taking over in Left Field for the Angels on our SBN Partner YAHOO Sports, the real story is the Angels commitment to Peter Bourjos in Centerfield.

Considering the offseason peanut gallery idiocy of numbskulls assuming Jacoby Ellsbury could be had for next to nothing as well as Wells having played plenty of CF himself, the public acknowledgement that Bourjos is the Angels Centerfielder is as definite as any recent rookie promotion that the team has managed in the past decade.

"With Torii in right and Bourjos in center doing what he does and Vernon in left, we’re going to control a lot of the baserunning aspects that were troubling to us at some points early in the year." -Mike Scioscia to YahooSports.

In having the starting jobs this well-defined, the Angels seem to be concentrating on a comfortable core at the major league level. In tempering the expectations of their minor leaguers they also get a large group of hopefuls to simply focus on conditioning and 2012. There might be better ways to manage a roster, but some of those other ways have not exactly worked out for the club over the past dozen or so springs...