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Raise Money to Fight Cancer While Drinking at a Sports Bar

Radio host Jason Brennan is stepping up to the plate to raise money to help in the fight against children's cancers. Since 2005, the St. Baldrick's Foundation has given $55 Million in grants to deserving research organizations that are working to understand, treat and ultimately cure cancer, especially in children. Jason owns Throwbacks Sports Bar and from 11 AM thru 2 PM on Saturday, MARCH 5, there will be a rocking party to raise money and awareness for the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Kids want to fit in. When a kid has cancer, the chemo side effects include baldness. When other people shave their heads and the kids know about it, the solidarity really boosts their spirits. How cool is the chance to make a kid's misery go away? Very cool, actually.

St. Baldricks fundraisers revolve around pledging money for each person in attendance who gets a shaved head. There is a head-shaving fund raiser SATURDAY MARCH 5 at THROWBACKS in Anaheim. Here is the deal. If you show up, there will be lots of cool activities. If you tell Jason that you are from Halos Heaven, I am personally pledging $10 to St. Baldrick's for each member of this site that shows up and gets his (or her's ... HA!) head shaved. Who needs to run a 5K - you should get some friends to pledge to donate when you get your head shaved. And you know it is going to be a good time at Throwbacks anyway, and seriously, what chick is going to tun you down throughout March when you tell her that you shaved your head to raise money for this amazingly worthy cause. Lots MORE INFO here. Go beat Mother Nature at her male pattern mayhem and bankrupt yours truly in the process. It is for a great cause and it will be a good time!