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Jered Weaver Arbitration a Pause in Franchise Lore

UPDATE: According to internet reports, the Angels won this arbitration case.

Jered Weaver and the Angels had an arbitration hearing on Wednesday. Little Weave wants $8.8 million for 2011, his second of three arbitration eligible seasons. The team is offering $7.3 million. Weaver is going to take this one. He will be a free agent after the 2012 season but Arte Moreno has indicated that, even though he personally despises Weaver's agent Scott Boras, there has been talk of a contract extension and it is well known that Weaver loves SoCal, not that Village Idiot Tony Reagins should count on that meaning he can lowball the duo.

A look at Jered Weaver has already accomplished as an Angel can only make a fan of this team truly sentimental on behalf of longterming our current ace.

In Wins Above Replacement, Jered Weaver ranks 7th in franchise history with 20 WAR, in between Dean Chance's 19.5 and Mike Witt's 20.2 WAR.

Do you like old school stats? Weaver's Win Loss Percentage is 2nd all time for an Angels pitcher at .621 and his ERA is 12th all time: 3.55 Earned Runs Averaged over each 9 Innings Pitched. His 64 wins as an Angels is 12th all time in team history and he looks poised to crack the top ten regardless of contract extension.

I don't have to be Steve Physioc and give a ten minute dissertation on what the WHIP stat stands for but Rex, did you know that Weaver's 1.205 WHIP ranks fifth best in Angels team history? Wow Phyz, that's almost as awesome as his K thru 9 of 7.825 ranking fourth best in team history just behind three studs: Scot Shields, Nolan Ryan and Percy.

He is also TOP TEN in strikeouts with 779, ranking tenth and moving up the charts. His strikeouts to walk ratio of 3.091 is first all time in team history. Of the three pitchers ahead of him in ERA+ rankings, Troy Percival, Scot Shields and Kelvim Escobar each tossed at least two hundred fewer innings with a halo as Weaver's 896 Innings Pitched.

The only question now is not whether you will be bragging to your grandkids about having seen Weaver pitch here, but whether your kids will. The blank check in Arte's wife closet needs to be filled out on behalf of the hope for the future those kids should have.