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Kevin Jepsen: Using Twitter to change the world

One Angel is using the latest technology to help global poverty.  Kevin Jepsen (@kevinmjepsen) is part of the newest TwitChange which is an online auction where fans bid on the chance to be followed, mentioned or retweeted on Twitter by their favorite celebrities for charity.

The first Twitchange campaign last fall raised over $500,000 for Haiti children, and Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers just led a recent Twitchange for military families.  Not only do the winning bidders of Jepsen's auctions get the follow, mention or retweet, each winner will receive a ball and hat signed by Jepsen himself.

Jepsen's four auctions can be found here: TwitChange Auctions - Kevin Jepsen.  You have to act fast as the auctions end March 12th.

Kevin was kind enough to answer a couple questions about his Twitter use, his Angels career, and what pitch he really throws:

Halos Heaven: Now that you have a Twitter profile, how do you plan on using it?

Kevin Jepsen:   The thing I like about the whole deal is the links to articles that people post on there. I seem to get my rundown on what’s going on around the world everyday through twitter. 

HH:  What do you think of all the new social networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) opportunities?

KJ:   I’m not really sure yet. I'm still new to the whole social media deal. 

HH:  You started your Angels career as a starting pitcher, and you seemed pretty successful at it, but after the 2005 season you went to the bullpen.  Why was that?

KJ:   I had shoulder surgery after the 2004 season. After coming back from that I felt better throwing less innings more often.

HH:  Which do you prefer, starting or relieving?  Why?

KJ:  Relieving! Just knowing that every day you have a chance to pitch.

HH:  How much attention do you pay to advanced stats such as FIP and BABIP?  Have you ever made an adjustment or changed your approach based on statistical feedback?

KJ:  I've never looked at those. You can’t change your whole approach off stats. The hitter will let you know if you need to adjust the plan.

HH:  You had a very good season in 2010, finishing really strong in your final 13 games (0.73 ERA).  What do you feel had the biggest impact on your success?  What do you think you need to improve upon, if anything, to continue that success?

KJ:  There is always something that we can get better at.  For me there are a few, like keeping runners off the bases.

HH:  Okay, which do you throw...a cutter or a slider?  What’s the difference?

KJ:  Technically a cutter is a fastball that doesn't have much tilt on it. A slider is a breaking ball. I call mine a cutter but at times it is more like a slider.

HH:  What’s more important, velocity or movement?

KJ:  Both! But you need at least one

HH:  Thanks Kevin!

Be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter here: @kevinmjepsen

And check out his auctions to help global poverty here:  TwitChange Auctions - Kevin Jepsen