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Boring Spring Discussion: Why Do We Watch Men?

So here is a topic for you to give your opinion on. It just dawned on me that Women's sports should be popular, but they aren't. Unless your daughter or girlfriend is playing or they are representing your school, basically nobody watches women's sports.

There are a few theories here as to why women's sports is not only not popular as a spectator sport, but understand the breadth of discrepancy to most of the rest of the things in our lives: in a world where equality is near for women after a century-plus suffragette-to-feminist-to Meg-Whitman-losing struggle, this is one area where nothing has moved forward at all... ever.

It seems normal to us to watch sports as we do, but is there an underlying reason why there is no female Michael Jordan anywhere in the world with a cultural impact and advertising mojo to go along with a spectacular form on some course or field. What gives? I like watching chicks, why don't I like spending time watching them competing in team sports?

What do you think?