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My Angels Season Tickets Arrived Today

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It is just like Santa came!

Christmas finally came to my pad today! Four seats to 83 games (2 preseason games on March 27 & 29). A big thanks to my lovely girlfriend for springing for this most excellent holiday cheer that will be the gift that keeps giving all year! Lets look a little more closely at the ticket package that arrived:



Can you name these Angels greats? IF you bought our Halos Heaven Book: TOP 50 ANGELS on you might be disappointed in the Angels' choices as not everyone here made the book... talk about a team not knowing as much about itself as the fans.


Foil accented ticket to opening night!


Weaver and Scioscia adorn many game tickets, pretty much a no-brainer...


Looks like the Angels are banking on a return to form by Kendry Morales...


Any idiot who talks about denying Bobby Abreu his vesting option number of plate Appearances is not in tunes with the Angels front office. Here is Bobby with fan favorite Torii Hunter...


Dan Haren is the only other player pictured amidst the many 50th Anniversary logos...


Okay this one has names of some Angels greats of the past. Two of the players pictured here did not make our Top 50 Angels book...

And one more thing:


A big thank you to whoever printed the tickets up and put the box office price on them instead of the season ticket holder price. Makes us bums in the cheap seats look like we got a little bank!