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2002 Angels Whereabouts?

The Angels 2002 Post-Season Roster ... where are they now?

David Eckstein (Played in 2010 with the Padres)
Chone Figgins (Signed with the Mariners thru 2014)
Troy Glaus (Played in 2010 with the Braves)
Adam Kennedy (In camp with the Mariners)
John Lackey (Signed with the Chowds thru 2014)
Jose Molina (in camp with the Blue Jays)
Francisco Rodriguez (Signed with the Mets thru 2012)

Of these seven, Eckstein, Glaus, Kennedy and Molina were with the team on opening day, March 30, 2002. Lackey replaced Schoeneweis in the rotation in June, Figgins was called up in August and Frankie's debut occurred in late September.

Garret Anderson (retired)
Kevin Appier (retired)
Brendan Donnelly (retired)
Darin Erstad (retired)
Brad Fullmer (retired)
Benji Gil (retired)
Bengie Molina (As of March 15: "For now, I'm retired...")
Alex Ochoa (retired)
Ramon Ortiz (retired)
Orlando Palmeiro (retired)
Troy Percival (retired)
Tim Salmon (retired)
Scot Shields (Retired Friday)
Scott Schoeneweis (retired)
Scott Spiezio (retired from baseball AND Sandfrog)
Jarrod Washburn (retired)
Ben Weber (retired)
Shawn Wooten (retired)