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Longest Running Angels Blog Celebrates Birthday

Penelope Cruz  (L) served up some birthday cake to <em>YESWECAN</em> and <em>CUPIE</em> at the <strong><em>HALOS HEAVEN</em></strong> birthday bash last week in the Bahamas.
Penelope Cruz (L) served up some birthday cake to YESWECAN and CUPIE at the HALOS HEAVEN birthday bash last week in the Bahamas.

On March 22, Halos Heaven turned six years old. We will begin our 7th season of covering the Angels from the fans' perspective on Thursday, Opening Day.

Despite claims from the pretenders out there in website-land, no Angels fan blog has the archives to prove they were publishing before March 22, 2005 and continuously thereafter, exclusively devoting their community to this team (on a personal note, I have been blogging the Angels continually since October of 2003, do I get a medal?).

Halos Heaven is the biggest Angels blog, the highest trafficked Angels blog and ... think "Mark Whicker, Lyle Spencer" and know that this also the best Angels blog on earth... enjoy being part of it.

In the coming season we have lots of big plans and you are invited... We will be having get-togethers at the stadium with discounted tickets. We will be having a meet-up for the All-Star Game in July in Las Vegas with discounted room rates and special guests (21 and over please). As with every season, the nightly Game Threads are the place to be and Every Tuesday we have the only Angels Fan Internet Radio show piped right onto the site! And of course, no matter where you are, as long as you are on the internet you can be part of the coolest, most sophisticated, erudite and antidisestablishmentarianist baseball fan community in the world. So enjoy the birthday party and the coming season!