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Angels Sweep Dodgers In Spring Finish

It was only a two-game home and home series, but sweep it the Angels did.

27,000+ were in the paid attendance of Tuesday might's Anaheim finale.

A little more than 19,000 saw the teams at Dodger Stadium last night.

Torii Hunter hit his fourth HR of the spring.

Sott Kazmir got his first W since 2006, or so it seemed. Kaz had the best outing of his career, going 4 and a third innings, allowing a Solo HR to Rod Barajas, one of only 3 hits he allowed. He struck out 4 batters.

Yes, Scot Kazmir had a decent appearance. Weird.

Matt Palmer was so awesome in relief that he only threw 23 pitches in 1 and two-thirds innings - he had to go to the bullpen afterward to get his arm stretched out for the season.

Palmer, Rich Thompson, Michael Kohn and Jordan Walden held the Brooklyn Landgrabbing McCourts to two hits in just under 5 innings of scoreless pitching.

The Angels get on a plane and land in Kansas City some time before Thursday's season opening pitch at 1:05 PM Pacific Time.

The Halos Heaven Game Threads had over 1200 posts. Talk about League Leader!