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ANGELS Franchise Jersey Roster #1

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Angels Uniform #1

1961 65: Joe Koppe
1966, 67: Jose Cardenal
1968, 69: Aurelio Rodriguez
1970: Aurelio Rodriguez and Ray Oyler
1971: Bruce Christensen and Sandy Alomar
1973: Manager Bobby Winkles
1974: Manager Bobby Winkles and Orlando Ramirez
1975, 76: Orlando Ramirez
1977, 78: Manager Dave Garcia
1993 96: Damion Easley
1997 99: Manager Terry Collins
2000: Keith Johnson
2001 – 2005: Bengie Molina

Arte Moreno has an Angels jersey with this number and his name on the wall of his suite at Angel Stadium of Anaheim with "MORENO" above the numeral 1. Since Molina has left the team no Angels player has worn it. Can we assume that none ever will again?