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Better know your Pregame Picks!

Hello everyone!

For those who are new to HH, let me introduce you to one of the many fun aspects of HH... the Pregame Picks.

Before every game we set up a thread to not only give your input before a game starts, but also to make some guesses as to how that game will turn out. This year, we will be mimicking the 2009 model of the pregame picks.

To participate is simple:

1. Go to that game's Pregame Thread
2. Enter your answer in the provided Google Docs Form before the game starts
3. Post something in the comments section of the Pregame Thread (preferably your picks included)

That's it! Don't forget to do step 3, or your picks won't count!
You'll get a point for each correct answer you provide. (There's no betting like last year, so don't worry about that.)

To the best of my ability, I will post the results at that game's conclusion. The summary will be visible in the game's POSTGAME Thread.
At the end of each week (Saturday) a Weekly results will be posted that summarizes that week's picks. You have until 11.59.59pm Pacific Time of the next day (Sunday) to complain about discrepancies.

Just swing by every day before the game starts to make your picks!

Here's to another great season... and we hope that this makes participating with HH just a little bit more enjoyable.
Feel free to ask any questions below, especially if you see any ambiguities... cause keep in mind these notes are subject to change at any time.

(Hit the jump to see a test form + more semantics)

And... the semantics.

* Cutoff for picks is the time the game starts. In normal games it will be the time submitted in the google docs (don't dawdle on your comments post though...). If games are postponed later, then the cut off time will be the first pitch. (If I'm not around to note when that is, I'll base it off of the comments in the Game Thread)

* Rev's wording is the 'proper wording'. If there are any discrepencies between the google docs wording and the wording found on the pregame thread, the pregame thread wins. If Rev's wording for the Pregame Picks can be taken as ambiguous, ask ASAP for clarification. Rev will make the final call and his call is the final word.If Rev can't be contacted, then I'll make the final call.

* A link will be provided when you submit your answers into the google docs. Please click that link to double check that your picks went through. Your responsibility to check everything went through OK. Please note that there can be up to a 5 minute lag between submission and an update of the spreadsheet

* Make sure when you post in the comments you actually hit SUBMIT and not just PREVIEW. Make sure it actually comes up. Yeah, sounds stupidly simple but... well, there's a reason why I have to reiterate this.

* We ask to post in the comments for many reasons but, simple its to ensure that you were the one that putin your picks. Also, just in case something happens with google docs, there's another trail for your picks.

* Please do your best to type your screenname correctly. Typos once in a blue moon is OK, but its YOUR SCREENNAME, so if you keep screwing it up, your score just might get screwed up as well.

* In the event you can't use the google docs, please find a way to message me of this fact, and we'll work something out.

* If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask me at any time. I'll try my best to answer them, whether it's in a game thread or in a post game thread. But if you post in the weekly saturday threads, that's your BEST shot at getting a response.