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Angels Hold On For Jered Weaver Win

The Angels beat the Royals 4-2 on opening Day in Kansas City.

Torii Hunter hit a monster 446-foot solo HR. Jeff Mathis ht a solo HR on his birthday. Peter Bourjos hit a bunt Triple (okay there were errors on the play but it was awesome). Vernon Wells got hit by the first pitch he saw as an Angel. Maicer Izturis had a Stolen Base. Erick Aybar made a great bun-tag for a caught-stealing.

Jered Weaver threw 107 pitches, 67 of them for strikes. He stuck out 6 batters in 6.1 Innings pitched. Hisanori Takahashi and Kevin Jepsen each allowed a run late in the game. It was quite stressful late in the game watching he bullpen perform after cruising through the first six innings. Jordan Walden and Michael Kohn pretty much pulled the glass of milk from spilling off the table. That is two cookies at the tea party more than we needed to eat, get it?

Fernando Rodney had a cardiac-style Ninth inning but struck out the Go Ahead run after a rare non-pull visit from Mike Scioscia to the mound. Fear of God worked. This time. Scary to think about riding this roller coaster all season.

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