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Top Fifty Angels Now On

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You can BUY OUR BOOK on Amazon now! Buy it for the biggest Angels fan in your life or for yourself if you want to read the book about the greatest players for this team written by the fans who have cheered for them. Who the hell wants an overpaid sportswriter blabbing on and on in pseudo-objectivity when you can have unbiased fans who know best, both statistically and with passion.

And unlike OC Register paid sportswriter Mark Whicker, we included Brian Downing as one of the Top 50 Angels greats of all time - no mental omissions here, this list was discussed in detail and the essays pulled from the site here with lots of new material and handy franchise reference stats.

100 Pages packed with stories and stats for only $6.99 ... makes a great gift and will come in handy to settle arguments at the ballpark this coming season or twenty years from now.