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Week 01 Results

Things are looking up!
Things are looking up!

Welcome welcome to the first "Pregame Results" Post.
How did you fare this week?

There were 22 points up for grabs... but the leaders for this week were only able to top out at 6 points.
These two players are: ryanfea and WiHaloFan


To see how you did, click here!

And well, since this is the first week, there's not much more interesting details I can give sadly...

Except for one thing... that you need to USE THE FORM AND POST IN THE COMMENTS.
You wont get any points if you just use the form and you wont even get recorded if you just use the comments.

You'll have a red entry if something didn't line up. (Now, it's up to you to make sure that you didn't typo your username... if you do that, my script can't figure out typos that easily.)

Make your gripes / comments/ gloats/ claims / whinings here...
Get ready for tomorrow's pregame picks! It should be up shortly...


I did have to make changes to my scripts that spit out daily and weekly results, so there's a decent chance there are a few bugs hiding around. If you see anything off... please post here and I will try to look into it as fast as possible.