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Angels Prospect Tyler Chatwood MLB Debut is Tonight

Debut Tonight!
Debut Tonight!

According to Baseball America, Baseball's #76 prospect is Angels minor league righty Tyler Chatwood.

Before I had time to transcribe our recent interview with Ryan Ghan, our Halos Heaven resident minor league analyst, Chatwood was suddenly promoted to the big club and he will be starting in Anaheim TONIGHT against the Cleveland Indians. Chatwood's peripheral numbers are not overwhelming in the K department, but his consistent pounding of the zone makes him the best control starting pitcher prospect in the Angels organization.

Chatwood's big kick upstairs was hastened by a number of unexpected dominoes falling - first, injuries to Joel Pineiro and Scott Kazmir hastened the inevitability of Matt Palmer and Trevor Bell making starts in Anaheim this homestand. But when Dan Haren had to pitch an inning of relief after a spent bullpen had taken Saturday night's game to the 14th inning, Haren's scheduled Monday start was pushed to Tuesday.

Bell might have been able to pitch this week but Salt Lake's home opener Thursday was rained out and Friday's game was snowed out. And so Saturday saw Chatwood toss a two-strikeout first inning and Bell throw 44 pitches over the next three innings. With the equivalent of a throwing session under his belt and the Anaheim bullpen so taxed that they disabled a sore Erick Aybar in order to bring in Frankie Wolverine as a bullpen safety valve, Chatwood saw the last dominoes fall. Kevin Jepsen and Michael Kohn were sent down to the minors, Scott Downs is done with his short rehab assignment in San Berdoo.

You want stats? Ah, you can get stats anywhere. You come to Halos Heaven to get the mojo about a player. And we got the mojo about Chatwood for you. Tyler Chatwood was born on December 16, 1989. That was the day that actor Lee Van Cleef passed away. Hopefully, some of the awesome badness that made Van Cleef one of the ultimate scary dudes in film lore was passed on to young Tyler C from Lee Van C.

Compare videos of the two and see the connection...

LEE VAN CLEEF (Passed Away December 16, 1989)

TYLER CHATWOOD (Born December 16, 1989)

Awesome or what?