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Your Computer is Safer Here

SB Nation leading the way...

Just wanted to update you on the malware virus attack that we have been dealing with for the past several weeks. This is an issue that we take very seriously and one that took a lot of resources to both understand and address. When we learned of the attack, we immediately shut off 3rd party advertising and were soon able to identify the source of this attack.  It stemmed from some corrupted 3rd party ad tags that were placed on our network and many others.

Google is now reporting that malware attacks have affected over 15% of all internet publishers. As such, we are taking a much more aggressive and proactive approach to the prevention of and protection from these types of attacks in the future.

The most substantial move in this process was to implement a program that will scan and monitor virtually all of our ad tags every 15 minutes of every day.  This service is expensive, but should help prevent future attacks. While no measures are 100% foolproof, we fully expect that this investment will prevent infected tags from running on our network. In the event that any bad ads end up getting launched, the scans will quickly identify and extinguish the culprit.

If you encounter any suspicious ads or activities, please let us know!