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Haren 1-Hitter Has GOT to Boost Your Confidence

Last Week I waxed excitedly about Jered Weaver and Dan Haren boosting the confidence of every Los Angeles Fan of Anaheim. It didn't take long for my words to rocket past being merely prophetic and reach the territory of Gospel Truth.

On Saturday, Gutsy Dan, and if you are a long-suffering member of Halo Nation let's call him the Anti-Langston, strolled to the mound in the top of the fourteenth inning. With the Halos offense as it is these days, I sort of wondered if it meant that Bobby Wilson would be pitching the sixteenth. Dan retired the side and the nattering nabobs of pitch count central went nuts, but the W was Dan's. It delayed his next start by a day, but that affair was most definitely worth the wait.

How hard would it be for Dan to top Jered's Sunday performance? With fifteen strikeouts under his Dirtbag belt, it seemed to be Weaver's mountaintop for the time being. But the magic was there and Jered is learning that he will have to share. I'm confident, are you confident?

To paraphrase Hank the Poet, Sometimes you get so frustrated at life's little GIDPs that it almost makes sense. There is an eerie consistency to the Angels leaving men on base and sputtering quickly through their half of the inning. It is like the times in life when the cute girl at the bar looks at you and smiles and just as you make a recognition glance back some guy walks form behind you and greets her with a hug. She was never looking at you and Torii Hunter never had a chance to drive in that run.

But there was that moment when you just knew that the girl in the bar had made the right choice. And to keep that one second of feeling superior, to keep that hope that Torii or someone else will drive in that run, that is what keeps us all going. That is confidence.