Jean Segura looking good...


Last night a colleague visiting from another university wanted to go see a minor league baseball game, so we went to the Bakersfield Blaze game, and they were playing the 66'ers. So, I lucked into getting up close and personal with Segura and Jose Jiminez. Segura led off and drew a 5 pitch walk, and ended up stranded on third after a pick off (the first of three awful base running plays by the 66'ers). Segura came up for his third AB with runners on 1st and 3rd and CRUSHED a ball to left missing a HR by 8 feet off the high LF wall at Sam Lynn Ballpark. One runner scored and he cruised into 2nd with a double. I left in the 6th (my kids were with me and 6- year olds go ape-crazy at 9 PM) but didn't miss much else. Back to base running. In 6 innings I saw: a bad pick-off with 1 out and runners on the corners in the first, a caught stealing, and...a caught stealing on a DELAYED steal with a runner on 3rd. Bad base running... Segura was fun to watch, but the team didn't look at all interesting beyond him. Jiminez was Ok, but not good defensively. He pulled a Mathis and tried to throw it into CF on a steal attempt. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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