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Ervin Santana Magic No Mas in Angels Loss

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Sure, we got two-hit by Dice-K and Daniel Bard, but the bottom line is that 5 ER in 7 IP in the early evening of a cool marine layer land night is terrible. Ervin Santana may be running out of gas. Sure, it was stupid to put Bobby Abreu out there in RF with a flyball pitcher pitching, but it seems Ervin was more of a tosser today (tell a Brit that, he will tell you the double meaning). He tossed this game away for sure.


Nine strikeouts mean nothing when you are pitching against a senior citizen millionaire beer league squad who have the bat speed of a grandmother's Adam Wayne fanclub. The 2011 Francona Sox are just that: John Henry's patriotic underwear from the bicentennial and before. Striking out nine of these over the hill roid droplets is perfunctory. Surrendering 9 hits is proof of a tee-ball aim toward the plate from a has-been arm running out of gas.

But the putt-putt Angels offense is on a course for disaster soon: A two-run homer Thursday, parasiting the Boston bullpen too late to matter last night and flat shutout by Doomsday Daisuke Matsuzaka on Saturday. It wasn't a pretty picture is the title of a Social Distortion song and they will not be playing at the postgame stadium concerts this summer and that is not a good thing, as Angel Stadium is looking at a drastic Dodger-like attendance plummet if this is the offense that will be headlining all summer once the Boston Vomitorium clears out after tomorrow.

These Pink-Hat-Era Red Sox have historically feasted on teams that don't show up to play. We made sure to start the Easter Buffet since what was supposed to be the night of the Last Supper.

The only good news is that we took two of three in Texas. That means that there has been no good news since Wednesday. How long will we be waiting for some?