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Angels Lay Easter Egg, Boston Sweeps

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels: 0 - Red Sox: 7


To give a sliver of hope on Easter Sunday, the Angels lost on Easter Sunday at home to the Cleveland Indians. They were shutout on that Easter Sunday like they were today. They went 6-14 over that game and the 19 that followed. It was Opening Day, 2002.

So other than that delusional hopefulness, that little tale will serve to remind you to kiss the next Cleveland Indians fan you meet, as that is a person with backbone, character and class. My opinion of the Tuberculosis virus improved today as Boston Red Sox fans plummeted beneath even that low threshold of admiration in my eyes. The plague of scruffy man-breasted Jabba The Hut bandwagoneers made getting swept by a somewhat decent, well-rounded team a little easier to tolerate. To walk out of the stadium feeling superior to a sub-species of homo-sapien gonads was a treat that Red Sox nation gave to my ego all for the price of admission.

John Lackey pitched a gem against the most gasless offense in all of baseball. Angels #5 starter Matt Palmer actually was not terrible but this Red Sox team is far superior to what its quasimodo fanbase actually deserves. Over four games the Angels scored five runs against the Red Sox. They have scored 9 runs in the 5 games since they scored 15 runs in Texas. They have gone 19 innings scoreless and counting. The Torii Hunter 2-run HR on Thursday were the only runs a Boston starting pitcher allowed in four games in Anaheim. They scored a run on a passed ball Friday night and have not scored a run since. That is what they call a lost weekend, broom and all.