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Weaver Kicks A’ss, Halo Faith Restored

Jered Weaver snatched the Angels (and their fans) from their freefall Monday night as he shut down the A’s in a complete game shutout to become the very first Halo pitcher to start a season 6-0.

Weaver runs his MLB strikeout leading tally up to 49, his MLB leading ERA (for pitchers with over 30 innings) to below 1.0, and his MLB leading win total to 6, against an MLB leading total of losses at ZERO. Guts. Stud. Ace. Call him what you want. Let's just hope that this keeps going!


After a weekend spent swirling around in the commode of abject failure, The Lords of Empyrean climbed back out and stood tall on behalf of The Best Pitcher In All Of Major League Baseball: Jered Weaver. Sometimes hurlers spend an entire season witnessing their efforts be wasted over and over again, as the offense behind them simply refuses to honor their achievement on the mound. And, after the dismal exhibition put forth over the course of the first four games of this homestand, the stage was set to punish the only Halo showing any signs of intestinal fortitude this season, not unlike the failure to back Haren just three days earlier.

Surprisingly, an offense appeared! Eight hits! Four from the meat of the order! What is this magical apparition that tempts us? Who called forth this eruption in potential just in time to serve our fearless leader? Somebody figure it out. We need to bottle it, and tuck it away for the next time that we get overrun by the ignorant, the derelict, and the ungroomed.

And so we have a 10K, 1 walk, 6th win, complete game, dominance by Weaver –The-Superior. If nothing else, California belongs to The Halos!