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LA Times Visually Slags Angels

So kind of you to cover our team...


It is no secret that the LA TIMES is in decline. It is not a journalistic leader nor an influence peddler. It is a coupon clipping whore like all print media and, well these days, that is alright. But can a guy ask for this roll of toilet paper to maybe show some good Angels news in its "hi-tech video section" archive located on its Angels "page"? Two out of three pictures are about losing and two out of three are three weeks old.

If the Lakers go on a two-season dry spell and USC goes on triple-public probation, the LA Times probably won't have a Sports section once the last whiskey-soaked horseplayer gets an iPad or croaks and, well these days, that is alright.

So why pretend to be "current" with "old" video? Why bother covering the Angels anymore at all? Were it not for Frank McCourt getting the regular (and deserved) suckerpunches, the Dodgers deepthroating in the Spring Street Dishrag would be a nonstop slobberfest. There is not even a perfunctory image of Torii Hunter smiling for the camera. Pretend market share is a pathetic way to assert your dominion over a team that exists in the consciousness of its fans completely without you.