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Angels Barbycued in KC, Lose in Extras

The Angels battled back from terrible starting pitching only to blow a nice late-inning lead and lose in extras. FInal Score in Kansas City: Angels 9, Royals 12 in 13 unlucky innings. Royals take the series three games to one, and that one would have been a walkoff Royals win if a deep Alex Gordon foul ball had been about eight feet to the right.


On the great Mike Scioscia teams of the first decade of the 21st century you would rarely see the Angels score a lot of runs in a loss. they would get blown out alright and they would lose lots of close games where they scored three or four runs. But if an Angels team form 200-2009 scored seven or more runs, they inevitably won. Sunday's terrible extra inning loss in Kansas City illustrated just how un-Angelic this current Angels team is. They needed both a terrible start from Scott Kazmir, death by a thousand cuts from the middle innings bullpen leaking a run here and a run there, and then the second meltdown of the game in the 9th inning with Fernando Rodney blowing a save.

Some of the isolated numbers are laughable until they add up to a highway of sobbing for our winning yesterdays. Scott Kazmir faced only fourteen batters and seven of them reached base. He left before the end of the 2nd inning. Fernando Rodney walked 3 batters, allowed one hit and only recorded one out.

Jeff Mathis reminded everyone on earht that he is a stinking pile of garbage masquerading as a human being. There were seven stolen bases in the game by the Royals. There were no Caught-Stealings. In Arlington Today, no Red Sox, not even Carl Crawford, attempted to steal off of Mike Napoli behind the Rangers' dish. And they were in a close game where it might have mattered. Thanks Tony Reagins, you are a sniveling worm.

When Angels announcers Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza noted that Royals starter Bruce Chen was in his tenth organization in baseball, a glimmer of hope arrived. Down 5-0 they fought back tied the game and went ahead. The wind was blowing out and it was, after all, Kansas City. Well, they aren't in Kansas City anymore, having lost three of four games in the Missouri town of misery.

There might be plenty good to say about the Angels scoring nine runs, but with Chen and Wind and all kinds of missed opportunities, it is hard to be positive. A DFA of Scott Kazmir and Fernando Rodney would immediately improve this team, especially if it were followed by a callup of Matt Palmer and Trevor Bell, with Frankie-2 on standby in the Salt Lake pen. But it is going to get worse before it gets better.

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