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Angels Spending Useless Millions

Hat Tip
Hat Tip

Here are Three Angel Salaries for the 2011 season:

Fernando Rodney: $5.5 Million

Gary Matthews Jr.: $11.4 Million

Scott Kazmir: $14.5 Million (12-mil this year plus a 2.5-mil buyout for 2012)

$31.4 Million for nothing. NOTHING.


It is the trio of Zilch, Nada and The Big Zipster.

This is not counting the $98 Million that overpaid Vernon Wells and risky senior citizens Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu will be making over the next two years. That is not counting the $42 million that Wells will make in '13 and '14. The trio of Vernon, Torii and Bobby will amount to something this season and maybe even contribute forcefully next year as well. Worse case scenario is they are alright, which is a little above average... oh well.

But Rodney, Matthews and Kazmir contribute nothing.

This is more than 25% of the team payroll. This is 3% of Arte Moreno's entire wealth. This is 7% of the entire value of the franchise. For air. Oxygen. The free stuff...

Scott Kazmir is worse than Trevor Bell and Matt Palmer. Fernando Rodney is worse than every current Angel relief pitcher plus Francisco Rodriguez the 2nd in Triple-A Salt Lake. Matthews, oh well they cut their losses there. He is the best news of these three!

And so they need to cut their losses here. Because the money is sadly spent and these two are untradeable. But two human bodies of any size, shape, proportion and age will get the Angels closer to actually winning baseball games than Kazmir and Rodney. The sooner the better.