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Salt Lake Bees Announce 2011 Roster

Due to my very exclusive relationship (also known as "friended on FaceBook") with the Salt Lake Bees, I have acquired (also known as "copied from their website") the active roster for their opening day. Of course injuries and trades up here lead to callups to Anaheim as well as callups from Arkansas and Cedar Rapids.

Here is the roster of the current Salt Lake Bees, each player's age and what would have to happen for us to see him in an Angels uniform this season. Players on the Forty Man Roster are bolded


Bell, Trevor • 10/12/1986 - We will see him starting, perhaps as soon as April 12. The Joel Pineiro injury and imminent Scott Kazmir decapitation almost assure it.

Berg, Jeremy • 7/17/1986 - A few bullpen failures and the Strikeout Iceberg could be in Anaheim before the All Star break.

Browning, Barret • 12/28/1984 - Unless he misses lots more bats the ticking clock may catch up to him before a cup of coffee ever does.

Chatwood, Tyler • 12/16/1989 - Probably more likely he anchors the rotation and gets a full year under his belt.

Diaz, Amalio • 9/10/1986 - If he starts a game in Anaheim this season, we are either in last place by 20 games or in first by 10.

Geltz, Steven • 11/1/1987 - A September callup if he keeps the strikeout numbers up, and if he survives the high altitude of Salt Lake with his ERA intact he offers more than Rodney or Bulger right now.

Junge, Eric • 1/5/1977 - Father Time's time may be up. Judas Priest has a song "You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise" and that goes for pitching in the bigs, too.

Ortega, Anthony • 8/24/1985 - He will need to be healed, but the place on the forty man roster makes it much more likely.

Palmer, Matt • 3/21/1979 - He'll be in Anaheim before the Easter Bunny.

Ramirez, Horacio • 11/24/1979 - This guy's BB-Ref Page reads like a tragic catalog of crappy Lost in America cities in the US. At 31, you have to be pulling for him, but it is still a pipe dream.

Rodriguez, Francisco • 2/26/1983 - He will be up soon to spread his "Better-Than-Rodney" mediocrity around.

Shoemaker, Matt • 9/27/1986 - It is a developmental year for him.


Armstrong, Cole • 8/24/1983 - He'll be in AA once Hank Conger goes down.

Richardson, Kevin • 9/12/1980 - He will be the pitching mentor in AAA while Conger gets most of the starts.


Amarista, Alexi • 4/8/1989 - Trade Aybar today and he starts at SS for the Angels tomorrow.

Baisley, Jeff • 12/19/1982 - There would have to be quite a shakeup in our infield, but he does have experience at 3B, solidly, so it is not out of the question, it is more just a question of the chaos to come.

McAnulty, Paul • 2/24/1981 - Behind Mark Trumbo, Kendrys Morales, Howie Kendrick and Brandon Wood in the depth chart. With the team's current luck, look for Paul McTiny to appear in a game in late July.

Navarro, Efren • 5/14/1986 - Doubtful this year.

Romine, Andrew • 12/24/1985 -  He is an Izturis hamstring away from the major leagues.

Velazquez, Gil • 10/17/1979 - If they go with anyone besides Romine or Amarista, it will be Jean Segura not someone like this ultimate journeyman.


Auer, Tyson • 10/24/1985 - Not this year.

Kiniry, Rian • 12/12/1986 - Hey look, its a Willits Pettit

Melillo, Kevin • 28 5/14/1982 - Salt Lake doesn't even know this guy is a 2Bman, how will the Angels ever fit him into their plans?

Moore, Jeremy • 6/29/1987 - He is six sore knees (Wells, Hunter and Abreu) away form the major leagues.


MANAGER: Keith Johnson - Maybe Tony Reagins needs to show us all that he makes the decisions.

PITCHING COACH: Erik Bennett - Mike Butcher's health issues have been no laughing matter. He could fill in this year if Butch has any setbacks.

HITTING COACH: Jim Eppard - Don't let the door hit you on the backside on your way out, Mickey.