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Aces of Confidence

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There is the excitement that only comes with confidence. When you are playing poker and get dealt a pair of Aces, you can let the Donkey at the table lead the betting, play call station and take home the big pot. In baseball, an Ace is a good thing, and a pair of Aces is almost as rare as it is in Hold'em. Did you know that 1 out of 221 two-card hands dealt is a pair of aces and that one out of 221 teams in baseball history have had two aces? Really. Okay I made that second one up, it might be a little more common in basbeall history, but if you had a scouting department examining the deck, you'd have your aces more often.

The Angels have Jered Weaver and Dan Haren. They have been dealt a pair of Aces. This should give every Halo Fan confidence.

You only have to look at all the nicknames that Jered Weaver has accrued on the Halos Heaven comments: Lil' Weave, Dreamweaver, WTY (Weaver The Younger), to know that L.A. of Anaheim has confidence in embracing young Jered as the sign of winning. The consistency matches the heat. When he came up in 2006, everyone observed that had he stayed in the major league rotation, we might have made up the four game deficit to Oakland that had accrued at season's end. And I say "we" because when Jered is on the mound, Angels fans are confident enough to become one with the team.

At one time Hokie Joe, Joe Saunders, led the Angels in nicknames. When The Colonel was traded to Arizona last season, it was hard to imagine anyone garnering the love. But Dan Haren has let his pitching do the talking and the fans have suddenly realized just what being dealt a pair of aces means in any game. That's right, confidence.