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Week 04: The goggles! They do nothing!

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Welcome welcome to Pregame Pick Week 04 results...

Week 4 crown can be placed on the head of raaddad this week, by being the only one to rack up 8 points. Berkeley Fan gets the silver at 7 points. And seven players tied for bronze with 6 points (including our reigning leader).

Total Running Results are also up here. Was someone able to catch up to WiHaloFan?

... The answer is no. WiHaloFan stays on top for the gold. In the silver position, only 4 points behind lies raaddad. Bronze goes to red floyd only a step down by 1 point.

Just off the podium you can find Chone's Chonies, 44FAN waiting to pounce.

If your name's not listed, just click those links and see how you did.

Angelsfan7, the first 3 games of this week have been fixed from x's to their respective points (which happened to be 0)

Also... no reason in particular why I called the title for this week that way. Just felt like it. Hah.

Does not include today's game.