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Angels Fold Their Ace in Texas

Final score in Arlington: Angels 1 Rangers 4

Jered Weaver cannot pitch a perfect game every outing and he shouldn't have to. The Angels offense saw an unexpected homerun by Erick Aybar get followed up with a whole lot of failure, as ample runners aboard could have been clutched home. Is this broken record skipping? You kids today never had vinyl with scratches just deep enough to repeat repeat repeat, didja? Well your team is doing it now for you - a learning experience for the under-thirty set and nostalgia of that one Roberta Flack album that never ended...

The Rangers have to play eighty one games away from their minor league ballpark, so this season will render a mediocre group of guys pulling their precious hammies as the second-rate squad they truly are. Question is when the Angels are blowing chance after chance to simply plate a run against mediocrities, are the Halos themselves a lousy squad? Hard to tell in the minor league Arlington park.

But you don't abandon your Ace and it was just poor form on the part of the Angels bats at the heart of this Angels loss. It was downright impolite.