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Angels Lose in Arlington

Final Score 5-4 Rangers over the Angels

They will blame the lack of offense on the absence of Vernon Wells and then when he gets back and is the terrible washed-up has-been (actually, sorry for the redundancy as it is probably impossible to be a has-been who is not washed up, but let's continue with my piling-on duly noted) that we all knew he was (except Tony Reagins) they will lament that Vernon got injured just as he "was comin' around" and point the finger at the bullpen and today we can at least join them as they really should do just that. Point Point Point. --> Rich Thompson couldn't find the strike zone with a GPS and when he needed a shred of luck a slumping Mike Napoli won the jump-ball slap at the shred of luck one team would have needed to win this Left-On-Base-Affair.

The Angels are in first place in the American League West and this might be the last day of the season that I can write this or the final day of worrying about it. Texas looks worse than the Seattle Mariners of Oregon at times. Thanks to global warming that Dallas jetstream was melting the polar caps this afternoon instead of aiding their hits. Hope we can get less carbon-neutrality working in the Angels favor. This division is totally up for grabs. If the Athletics or M's trade for Albert Pujols it may be theirs. If we trade for Prince Fielder watch him go on the Vegan DL and sink us. It is that kind of season so far.

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