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Extras Take Braves Over Angels 5-4, Joel Pineiro Denies Himself 100th.

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The night started off blazingly well, with a (now) rare Bobby Abreu home run in the bottom of the first, bringing in Erick Aybar for a 2 - 0 lead. After the Friday game, it surely felt as if the Angels had peeled their offense back off the side of the milk carton. A Torii Hunter single in the bottom of the 5th drove in Maicer Izturis and Abreu, and the Halos were up 4-0.

And then the wheels came off the bus. Hunter, unable to pass up his second knucklehead opportunity on the basepaths, found a way to get thrown out at second base by a country mile for the second consecutive attempt. The Halo bats went dead silent for the balance of the night as the Braves outhit the Angels 17 to 5.

The contest spiraled down into a Mack Sennet slapstick comedy, as we saw umps blowing wide open calls, players forgetting to run to first base on their own sac bunt, CENTER FIELDERS retrieving ground balls IN SHALLOW LEFT FIELD off of a fielding error by A SECOND BASEMAN.

Who's still with us?

Meanwhile, Mike Scioscia burned through the entire bullpen with a masterful job of resource management considering a Sunday day game just hours into the future.

Things came to a thrilling halt in the 12th, when the Braves combined a 2-out ground ball single up the middle (off Trevor Bell!) with a bonehead boot by Alexi Amarista along with a slow flare to right field. Note that they found the out-of-gas Abreu (Bourjos needing to run all the way from center to claim the booted ball off Amarista) and the out-of-gas Hunter (unable to track down the soft fly ball near the line, in order to "manufacture" the winning run.