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Week 06, 07 Results

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Alright! It's been two weeks, and i'm sure you're wondering how things have changed since the results blackout. Well, here we go!

  • Week 06: The OC Disorder topped that week by hitting 7 points. Downing Rules was in second with only 6 pts. homercles and sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher were right behind at 5.
  • Week 07: Was a gridlock in the top! Five players topped the week at 6 points. Seven were locked in with 5 points.


Overall? Let's take a look. Here is your top 5:

WiHaloFan 35
Andyman 32
raaddad 30
Big Game Hunter 29
Chone's Chonies 28
Berkeley Fan 28
red floyd 28

For the rest... click here.

No change in the leader of the pack... or the point lead it looks like. Things look like steady pickings for now.