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Angels Fail To Support Dan Haren, Fall To A's 6-1

Final in Anaheim: Oakland 6, Angels 1

Here's the post game write-up: SBNLA

What kind of team are the 2011 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Are they the fun-to-watch, good hitting, good pitching club we see sometimes? Or are they the weak hitting slap hitters who have been showing up lately? A team destined to spend the season on the verge of disappearing from the AL West?

Unfortunately, the later team showed up Tuesday night, as the Angels once again failed to provide starting pitcher Dan Haren with any kind of run support. Not that it would have mattered, as Haren gave up an uncharacteristic 5 earned runs. The five runs allowed were the most he's allowed in his last 18 starts dating back to August of last season.