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5 Potential Sellers and the Angels Interest

Is Aramis Ramirez the answer to one of the Angels' problems?
Is Aramis Ramirez the answer to one of the Angels' problems?

According to this post (Top 5 potential sellers at trade deadline - The GM's Office by Jim Bowden Blog - ESPN), there are 68 days until the 2011 season trade deadline. This means the Angels have about a month to decide if they are buyers or sellers in this year's trade market. Apparently Bowden has decided the Angels are going to be buyers and lists them as the potential suitors for a few of the available players he feels will be available. Here are a couple he sees the Angels might be interested in:

Michael Cuddyer
He has the most value because of his ability to play multiple positions. He can play first, third, right field or DH, and is a leader in the clubhouse. He is capable of driving in 80-90 runs with a lifetime OPS of .789. The Angels, Phillies or Rays would be logical destinations.

Aramis Ramirez
He has one home run and 17 RBIs. Last year, he hit 25 home runs. He has been a huge disappointment for the Cubs. Teams such as the Rockies, Marlins or Angels could take a chance as a stop-gap if he starts hitting for power between now and the deadline.

Carlos Pena
His bat is not performing consistent with his $10 million contract. However, there could still be trade interest if the Cubs eat most of the salary and he can start driving runs in. The Rays might consider taking him back and the Angels might consider if Trumbo doesn't hit enough.

I can see any of these three helping out in a playoff run, however the problem is getting into a position to make a run. If the Angels wait 68 days to make a deal that'll possibly help them overcome the Rangers and A's, they may find themselves already out of the race.

If the Angels want to give themselves a better chance of being relevant in September, they need to make a move now before Texas can open up a insurmountable lead.