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Ervin Santana Magic Spellbinds A's in Angels Win

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Final Score in Anaheim: LA of Anaheim: 4 ... KC of Oakland: 1


Ervin Santana on occasion has it working. When he does he is a great pitcher. Tonight he had it working. He pitched a great game. The force was with him on the 34th Anniversary of Star Wars premiering in theaters. If Ervin pitched like this every game he would probably still lose the Cy Young to Annie Hall but he'd do great box office.

When Alberto Callaspo hits a homerun, when Reggie Willits drives in a run, when Peter Bourjos drives in a run and you are on the mound, the force is strong with you that night. And that night was tonight. Instead of always thinking about the future, Ervin closed his eyes and trusted his feelings. Plus he had some stellar defense behind him.

Highlight of the game was probably Alexi Amarista headfirst slide somersault safe at first. Drink up in celebration, Angels fans, the Magic was on tonight, the halo shines alight and I'm driving... May the force be with us all...