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Erick Aybar and Late Inning Heroics Lead Angels to Victory

The fat lady was about to sing. Nevertheless her aria was interrupted by a 3-run Jimmy Jack from Erick Aybar. This game renewed my excitement for Angels baseball in one swing of the bat.


RevHF Reporting: The Twins entered the top of the 9th inning with a 98.3 Win Expectancy Percentage according to FanGraphs. Well the tale of the tape from that point on is an edifying journey in ignoring the numbers. Cue Han Solo:


The Angels scored 5 runs, the 5th coming on a sacrifice fly by the newest Angel, veteran Russell Branyan, yielding him his first ribby with a Halo. If we can talk fairytale sci-fi Win Expectancy as a stat, well then we can talk oldschool fairytale dungeons and dragons RBI as a meaningful stat and tonight both of these mythical measurements met, Wookie style when you think about it, and can be used to describe a battle that you know in your heart you gave up on.

Scott Downs got the magical right place right time one batter Jose Arredondo style Win and Jordan Walden got the Save. I wonder of Jim (WiHalofan) left early. I expect a full report since I promised him that I would do the game writeup over at SBNLA on this very subject and then did not make it home until late. IT is a good night to root for the Los Frustrating Angels of Anaheim.

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