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Angels Waste Weaver in 0-1 Loss to Twins

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"So, guys, WTF? I got nine godamned innings of near perfect pitching going for me here, and you smurfs can't even friggin' be bothered to get but ONE hit off Steve Carroll???"


Jered Weaver pitched a 9-inning 2-hit masterpiece Saturday evening in Minnesota, only to be forced to sit and watch fill-in pitcher Anthony Swarzak of the Twins cast a "yeah guys, nobody remember me" spell over the Halo bats (taking the night off, not unlike the HH editing staff!) and take a no-hitter into the 8th. Swarzak DID pitch twice against the Angels back in 2009, but that was clearly so long ago that he regained that never-before-seen mojo our bats create all too frequently. Only Peter Bourjos managed to get on base through the use of that heavy wooden thing in his hands.

So, in what pundits will mistake as some classic pitching duel, the Angels dragged themselves into yet ANOTHER extra-inning game. After two batters faced by Hisanori Takahashi, Kevin Jepsen came to the mound with a runner on first and yielded enough consecutive base hits (3) as necessary to send the home team crowd happy.

Honestly, somebody needs to do a deep dive research study on this franchise since 2002 and determine if they really do hit significantly worse against unfamiliar pitching. We all agree that it sure seems that way, no? And, if the answer is yes, has Carpino shed the pro scouting staff???