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Dan Haren Denied By Selfish Angels Teammates in Boston Loss


The Angels teased their fans once again before another bullpen implosion. Dan Haren was fantastic but, unable to pitch a perfect game, he was once again denied by an offense bent on never sacrificing themselves for the chance of actually scoring a run.

Vernon Wells is a terrible terrible washed-up has-been whose costly acquisition and inability to perform at the level of a little leaguer will hopefully cause Angels crony management John Carpino, Dennis Kuhl and Tony Reagins to be fired in favor of the strike force girls who could run this team better than these billboard bozos (I know Reagins was not part of Visual Pollution inc., but he probably pretends he was).

Jeff Mathis could really help this team by quitting and moving back to Disney World, where his Mickey Mouse bat would have a purpose in this world. Oh and cut that dirty mullet, by the way, it really makes your teammates look unfashionable to stand next to a Def Leppard tribute band reject like yourself.

For Mike Scioscia to be penciling these talentless hacks into the lineup day in and day out is proof the Dodger McFatty is going senile and the Alzheimer's brigade he has massaging player egos in that dugout does not bode well for the coming decade.