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Joel Pineiro Own Worst Enemy in Angels Loss

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Final Score in Kansas City: Royals 7, Angels 3


This is one tough game to write up in a respectful manner. Mike Scioscia phoned in the lineup with a day of rest for anyone who batted lefty, giving us a rare Willits and Wilson glimpse while Abreu and Russell Branyan sat. The Halos were out to a 2-0 lead, which is prime run support, just ask Jered Weaver, when Joel Pineiro literally threw the ballgame away.

In the scheme of things, we should not have to rely on a pitcher being perfect to be a superior club. We are not a championship caliber club. The only grace we have is a .500 division. One hot streak is soming somone's way and with the Yankees and Rays coming to Anaheim this weekend into this time next week, the six game winning streak does not look to be ours, rested Bobby Abreu or not.

Don't listen to stupid blogs that beat the drum for the Angels to acquire Prince Fielder - Milwaukee has a much better team and record than the Angels. If a bad inning by Piñeiro takes us out of the game, we take ourselves out this AL West clusterfunk by default when Team A, B or C makes a shock good move and rockets a 9-1 hot streak to coast just ahead of the three other stooges. I would like to think that we could be the hot team but preying on meltdowns by the worst bullpens in the world is not the bread of life on which to feast. Time for a gluten-free win streak fellas.