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Friday Pregame

Your Angels are in Sole Possession of First Place.

AL West Standings

Los Angeles 18 14 .562 0 Won 2
Texas 17 15 .531 1 Lost 1
Oakland 16 16 .500 2 Lost 1
Seattle 15 17 .468 3 Won 1

(updated 5.5.2011 at 10:47 PM PDT)

Third best record in the American League. Tied for sixth best record in baseball. Facing Cleveland tonight, the team that is tied with the Phillies for the best record in baseball.

Discuss the upcoming game in this thread... Make your Pregame Pick:

Four Picks: Number of Angels Runs and Hits, Number of Indians offensive strikeouts and defensive errors

Make your Pick after the jump. Learn How to Play PREGAME PICKS.