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Angels Blog Halos Heaven in Overdrive!

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Comment of the Game screenshot:


The 7+ hour, 13-inning, rain-delayed game between the Angels and Red Sox that started on May 4 but ended with a 2:45 AM Cinco De Mayo victory was also one of the great Game Threads ever, just look at the roll call and know that 4,000+ recorded comments says everything you need to know about the number one Angels fans online community...

Game Thread Roll Call: lightupthehalo29, reddawnman, Darth Duane, Greyson Peltier, GutterDem0n, halofolife, Downing Rules, Moondoggy, Quinlan's Goofy Swing, angelsfan7, Rev Halofan, blast21dave, MH252525, K3YEROUT, homercles, Nocturne, clover_black, Angelsfan015, Kingfish1, ~MMP~, hbhalofan, b0rd3rline, Halo Hurricane, Bolt Deck, chikmagnet_565, Angelsrthebest101, sheisalovelyladyandmyapologiestoher, TheAntiSox, AngelsDude, ryanfea, The_Question, Stirrups, BigBangRobbDawgg, angelskid2210, LAASurfin, Suboptimal, Howie's Batting Title, ihigh, blochead, scottnak, UCIHalo, LosAngel, LittleCupcakes, maze88, KENDRY, RhodeIslandRoxfan, ZiK, angelfan1954, AlanFalcon, Tom Servo 93, Raaddad, muddybox, oasisman, opiejeanne, kbrown2225, Kent Nichols, grahams98, RedFog, TheKingfish, gyoung08, ladybug, RexTookMyStash, LanaBanana, NathanielS, Caseys Kiss of Death, moosemastr, Quad Fin Rider, yeswecan, hk47, Dfresh, PhiSlamma, figgiesdaman, matthiasstephan, IWishWeStillHadTimSalmon, miketrout, Halos2011champs, ze3, beantownboy171, red floyd, angelslogic, aces666high, SCHalo, jtkelly86, wspaniel, Teh Phil, Daniel B. Morales, Clutch, Fred Fredrix, WateringTheGarden, salmonforever, linkbruin, halofan1, Unclearnie, Balls and Strikes, bc56274, Gorbachav5, rspencer, tanana40, IE Angel, LA Seitz, chap, HaloVET, AlohaHalofan, GA'sLawnchair, cuscus85, jessthelion, DAD OF VLAD, nicolasville, UK Halo, Commander_Nate, Angels Angel, 2pintsofbooze, Mayheminthehood, No Bologna Polonia, Henderson-Sports 06, The OC Disorder, Kernel, cupie, Christoffer James V Ferreira, snowhor, mustard_man, 44FAN, tizzidy19, KB_24, ihearhowie2.0, BP Scanner, VAangel, WiHaloFan, Halos in DE, Dono Romantico
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