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Mark Trumbo Gives John Lackey Early Shower


The Angels recorded their second victory of the day over the Red Sox, having beaten them just after 2:30 AM this morning in a close extra-inning contest. It didn't take seven hours for Fenway Park to empty out this afternoon,though, as the Halos launched a blowout against their former ace, the horse-faced righty John Lackey. The big man form Abilene Texas (thanks to the unemployed Steve Physioc for drilling that into my head for eight seasons) had three of his patented "Lackey Innings"® where he nibbled around the zone before delivering a tasty cookie for each batter's delight. The final nail in Benedict's coffin was a two-run homerun over the green monster by the allegedly inexperienced 1B Mark Trumbo, one of the young Angels who never knew Lackey as a teammate.

The Fenway house of horrors was turned into Cinco De Mayo parade as the Angels scored three runs in three consecutive innings. Joel Pineiro got his first win of the season in his second start and looked great against a scuffling Red Sox team that has yet to see .500 this season. The split against these aging has-beens has to feel good for the Halos, especially knowing that a whopping six of the Boston Nine's 14 wins this season have come at the expense of the heretofore snake-bitten Angels. But after Trevor Bell broke the spell early this morning, the Angels played like the superior of the two teams, which they of course are.

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